Wood Testing

Modi Laboratary is equipped to perform tests of wood, wood-based materials, furniture, packaging, constructions according to documented test methods, on the basis of requirements of national, international and European standards.

 Mechanical Testing in Wood
•    Modulus of rupture
•    Modulus of elasticity
•    Internal bond strength
•    Surface soundness
 Other Tests
•    Moisture content, density
•    Bending strength,
•    Modulus of elasticity,
•    Absorbability,
•    Compression strength
•    Wood-based panels:
•    Moisture content, density,
•    Bending strength and modulus of elasticity,
•    Tensile strength perpendicular to the plane of the board,
•    Swelling in thickness,
•    Surface soundness of particleboards,
•    Changes in relative humidity,
•    Ability to hold a screw,
•    Dimensions.
•    Determination of dimensional changes associated
•    Determination of tensile shear strength of adhesive-bonded joints.

Glue-laminated wood

•    Determination of tensile shear strength of adhesive-bonded joints,
•    Wood quality,
•    Wooden structures:
•    Impact of a soft body,
•    Modulus of elasticity under bending,
•    Bending strength.   

 Floors and floor coverings made of wood and wood-based materials:
•    Type and quality of wood,
•    Resistance to indentation.
•    Environmental Protection and Safety Testing
•    Wood Preservation and Conservation Testing