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Hardline & Softline Testing

Modi Laboratary in its efforts to ensure a pleasant and pollution-free environment for future generations helps both buyers and manufacturers satisfy the most stringent international eco testing requirements. Our comprehensive, one-stop service includes tests required by the eco labels and eco standards of different countries. Modi Laboratary also offers a full range of consultancy services that are designed to detect prohibited, hazardous substances and help you satisfy a variety of eco requirements.

The range of tests we cover include:

•    Allergenous disperse dyes
•    Organotin
•    Chromium VI
•    Azo Dyes
•    Penrachlorophenol (PCP)
•    Heavy metals
•    Ozone depleting substances (CFCs)    

Softline can be divided in to three major field:

•    Textile
•    Leather
•    Paper


 Count of yarn from fabric

•    Ends and picks per unit length in woven fabric
•    Courses and Wales per unit length in knitted fabric
•    Fabric width.
•    Weight per square unit
•    Linear weight
•    Crimp
•    Type of weave
•    Twist of yarn
•    Cover Factor

 Strength & Other Physical Properties

•    Tensile strength: Grab/Cut strip/Raveled strip
•    Tear strength (Elmendorf, Single Rip)
•    Bursting strength (Diaphragm / Ballburst)
•    Pilling resistance:ICI pilling box /MartindaleTester/ Random pilling test
•    Martindale Abrasion Resistance
•    Seam Slippage/Seam strength
•    Stretch & recovery
•    Crease recovery angle
•    Absorbency test (Water Drop method)
•    Water repellency test (Spray Test)

  Fiber Composition
•    Qualitative    
•    Quantitatives
 Shrinkage Related Test
•    Dimensional stability to washing of fabric
•    Garment shrinkage
•    Appearance after washing
•    Change in skewness in fabrics/Side seam twist in garment after laundering
•    Relaxation Shrinkage
•    Shrinkage to dry heat

 Colour Fastness Test

 Colour Fastness to:

•    Washing
•    Crocking
•    Perspiration / Saliva
•    Dry Cleaning
•    Chlorine Bleach
•    Non Chlorine Bleach
•    Sublimation
•    Chlorinated Pool water
•    Hot Pressing
•    Organic Solvent
•    Actual Laundering
•    Light
•    Water
•    Water Spotting, Acid Spotting, Alkaline Spotting
•    Sea water
•    Chlorinated water
•    Print durability
•    Non chlorine bleach in home laundering (AATCC-172)
  Flammability Of Textile
•    Inclined plane flammability test (45 Degree)    
•    Vertical flammability test
 Miscellaneous Test
•    Fabric defect analysis
•    Wash care instruction
•    Water soluble matter
•    Total size on the fabric
•    Test for mercerization(Barium activity number)
•    Identification of dye or print used on the fabric/Garment
 Yarn Tests
•    Yarn Count/Denier
•    Count with CV%
•    Lea Breaking Strength
•    Lea Breaking Strength with CV%
•    Single Yarn Breaking Strength
•    Twist & Ply
•    Number of filaments
  Test For Towel
•    Count of WARP, WEFT & PILE Yarns
•    Construction: WARP, WEFT & PILE    
•    Terry ratio : WARP to PILE length measurement
•    Pile height
 Zipper / Buttons / Buckles / Snaps / Lace / Velcro/ Elastic Tape
 •    Strength test for zippers as per ASTM D 2061
        Chain cross wise strength
        Element slippage
        Top stop holding
        Slider pull, pull off
        Holding strength of slider lock
•    Strength test for zippers as per BS 3084
•    Durability of zippers for 500 strokes
•    Peel bond strength
•    Unsnapping of snap fasteners
•    Button impact test
•    Button attachment strength
•    Stretch properties of stretch fabric / tape
 Eco-Friendly Test
•    pH value
•    Conductivity of water extract
•    Azo free (Cleavable amines)
•    Formaldehyde (Free & Released)
•    Nickel and other heavy metals
•    Residual Chlorine
 Chemical Test
•    Ash
•    Chloride Content
•    Heavy Metals (Pb, Cd, Ni)
•    Moisture
•    Oil Content
•    pH Value
•    Sulphate Content
•    Water Soluble Extract
•    Bitumen in laminated
•    Wool Content
•    Barium Activity
•    Scouring Loss
•    Residual Starch Content
•    Identification of dye
•    Solvent extractable

 Routine tests carried on Paper

•    Water Absorbency
•    Breaking length
•    Bursting strength
•    Coating Thickness
•    Bulk
•    Brightness/ Whiteness
•    Gloss
•    Chlorides
•    GSM/ Weight /Substance
•    Lead
•    Sulphate content


•    Moisture content
•    Oil Absorbency
•    Opacity
•    pH value
•    Surface pH
•    Tensile strength & Elongation
•    Tear factor
•    Water absorption (Cobb Test)
•    Moisture content
•    Ash content
•    pH value


 Routine tests carried on Leather

•    Thickness
•    Apparent density
•    Tensile strength & Elongation
•    Tear strength
•    Shrinkage Temperature
•    Water absorption
•    Bond strength of laminated leather


•    Volatile matter
•    Moisture content
•    Ash content
•    Solvent extractable substance
•    Hide substance
•    Water soluble matter
•    pH value

 Products cover under Softline
•    HDPE bags/Jute Bags
•    Crepe and Filter Paper
•    Writing/Printing paper
•    Coated paper
•    Corrugated Box
•    Carpet
•    Congo Red Dye
•    Vinyl Coated Fabric
•    Socks and Jersey
•    Various Leather Products

The Essential Testing and Awareness Program on Toy Safety

Since the Toy Safety Directive (88/378/EEC) was put into force in Europe in 1988, it is necessary to ensure that toys are safe and comply with the European regulations .. .. ..

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