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Modi Laboratary is the leader in the testing of products for manufacturers and retailers around the Country. Our strength is in helping clients reduce their time to market so that they may increase their revenue potential.

Our network of testing experts and state-of-the-art testing laboratories will provide you with the guidance and services you need to sell your products worldwide.

Electrical cables and Wires

We provide complete testing of electrical and electronic products. This ensures customers are able to comply with the widest range of international standards and end-user requirements.

 General Products and Materials
•    Electrical cables
•    Optical fiber cable
•    PVC insulated High voltage cables (1100 V, 3.3 KV to 33 KV, 66 KV)
•    120 KV Low voltage cables (220 V to 440 V)
•    Cross linked polyethylene cable
•    Heavy duty cables 1100 V

Routine Test in electric cables & wires

in electric cables

•    Physical test for insulation and sheath
•    Overall Dimensional test
•    Copper and Aluminium purity test
•    Annealing test for copper conductor
•    Tensile strength for Aluminium conductor
•    Wrapping test for Aluminium conductor
•    Conductor resistance test
•    High Voltage test
•    Insulation resistance test
•    Heat shock test
•    Loss of mass test
•    Shrinkage test
•    Water absorption test
•    Stripping test
 in Optical fiber cable
•    Physical dimensional test
•    Attenuation loss test
•    Crush resistance
•    Tensile proof test
•    Color of fiber
 Special test in electric cable
•    Cold Bend test
•    Cold impact test
•    Flammability test
•    Ageing test(Insulation and Sheath)
•    Accelerated ageing
•    Thermal stability test
•    Oxygen Index Test
•    Visibility due to smoke Test
•    Smoke Density Test
•    Toxicity Index Test
 Standard Test Methods
•    IS 694
•    IS 7098 Part 1,2,3
•    IS 5831
•    DIN 72551
•    BS 6500
•    IS 10810 all Parts
•    IEC 60793 Part-2

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