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The invention of paper can be considered an important cornerstone in the civilization of mankind. Although opinions differ on the exact time of its invention, but the first documented invention is credited to Ts’ai Lun, who was a Chinese official of the Imperial court during the Han dynasty (around 105 AD). The invention of first sophisticated paper-making machine took a long time to coming though, in the year 1803. Paper is a highly engineered product made primarily from wood cellulose, which is the most abundant chemical compound obtainable from plant. Paper finds use in the manufacture of a number of varied products like books, notepads, magazines, food containers, tissue papers, cartons, corrugated boxes, packaging materials etc. The products range from very delicate to very tough items. The various types of paper products are manufactured as per their intended uses, and hence their qualities need to be assessed properly. Modi Laboratary  has been providing accurate and reliable testing services for the various paper products for quite some time.

 Examples of Paper and Packaging Materials tested at Modi Laboratary
•    Craft Paper
•    Writing Paper
•    All types of Coated Papers
•    Papers Board
•    Containers and vials for food and pharma industries
•    Boxes
•    Corrugated fiber board boxes

Physical Tests

Accelerated Ageing
Bending test/Bending Resistance
Burst Index
Coating thickness
Concora/Corrugated Crush Testing
Drops Test
Dimensional Stability of Paper
Exposure to High /Low Temperature *
Folding Endurance (Double Folds)
Grammage of Paper
Water Absorbance
Short Span Compression Testing
Stretch (Elongation)
Tear Factor
Thermal Shock Test *
Vibration test for boxes *
Adhesion strength
Peel Adhesion strength
Bursting Strength of paper and paper board
Edge Crush Test
Flat Crush Test
Stiffness Test
Moisture Content
Tear Strength/Resistance
Tensile Strength
Thickness or Caliper
Water Absorbency & Cobb Test
Ring Crush Test
 Chemical Tests
 Alkalinity of Paper
Ash Content
Non – volatile matter
Resistance to chemical
Sulphate content
Migration test as per pharma standards
Alkali Resistance
Chloride Content
alt spray tests

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