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Hydrological Studies

We are working & specialised in the groundwater field & conducted no. of investigations for industries, agriculture purpose, drinking water projects all over the India . The investigation is more useful during early stage of any project site/ selection of borewell site to ensure availability of groundwater. We are using latest geophysical equipments for the investigation. With the help of Geophysical equipments it is possible to get availability (quantity, quality) & depth of water bearing zones in the ground, from ground surface itself. The testing procedure does not require to drill in the ground.

Scope of Work

• Study of physiograhic, geological & hydrogeological set- up of the area.

• Study of nature of aquifer around the project area.

• Study of water producing capabilities of aquifer zones.

• Rainfall pattern around the study area.

• Natural recharging capabilities of the area.

• Water table study.

• Study of existing groundwater structure, around the project area.

• Conducting geo-electrical sounding & collection of geophysical field data.

• Quantitative groundwater assessment at the project location.

• Qualitative groundwater assessment with delineation of fresh / salty water bearing zones, at different depth in the ground.

• Assessment of nature of formation below the ground.

• Determination of different geo-electric cross section within the project site.

• Selection of most potential sites for installation of tubewells.

• Determination of type of drilling method, depth of drilling & design of tubewells.

• Feasibility & designing of rainwater harvesting system.

• Groundwater Balance.

• Submission of report with necessary papers to CGWA for approval.

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