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Plastic & Rubber Testing

Plastic and Rubbers
Rubber and Plastics, a section of Analytical Science Division of MODI LABORATORY, is engaged in testing and research in the field of polymers.

Polymers comprises broad spectrum of materials including Plastics, Rubber, Resins and Fibers. They find application in various sectors of life from domestic to strategic applications. Testing and characterization of polymers are important to assess the quality and performance of materials and products made of them. We offer broad range of testing and research services to customers from various sectors.

Our Customers Include

  • Product/Raw material manufacturing industries that want to test their Product or Raw material for certification, research, identification of the nature or composition of competitors/market-picked products.
  • Govt. agencies/Independent agencies who want to ensure the quality of incoming materials.
  • Research organizations that want to characterize materials for research.

Services We Offer

  • Consulting services for the diagnosis and technical evaluation of processes and products, solution of problems in situ.
  • Characterization of polymeric materials.
  • Research & development projects.
  • Contractual projects for troubleshooting, problem solving and technology development.
  • Development of new testing facilities/methods as per customer requirements.
  • Quality control testing and certification.
  • Site Inspection and Certification.
  • Third party quality checks.
  • Setting up of the new laboratories and development and implementation of quality systems.
  • Inspection and quality checks of polymeric products for exports, Government supply and vendor development

Testing Services For Plastics, Rubber, Resins And Adhesive Materials
Routine Tests

  • Mechanical
    Tensile properties (Tensile Strength, Modulus, Elongation)
    Flexural Properties (Flexural Strength, Modulus)
    Hardness (Shore Hardness, Rockwell, IRHD)
    Compression strength, Bulk modulus
    Izod Impact strength
    Tear Strength
    Abrasion Resistance
    Adhesive properties (Peel, Shear)
  • Physical
    Specific Gravity
  • Thermal
    Thermal Analysis (DSC, DTA, TGA)
    DSC (Melting point, Glass Transition, Specific heat, Heat capacity, Crystallinity, Oxidation Induction Time)
    TGA (Filler content, Weight loss, Thermal Stability, Acetate content of EVA)
    Coefficient of thermal Expansion HDT (Heat Distortion Temp.) & VSP (Vicat Softening Point)
    Thermal Stability and Reversion of PVC pipes
  • Rheological
    MFI (Melt Flow Index)
    Intrinsic Viscosity
    Brook field Viscosity
  • Weathering Tests
    (Colour fastness, Change in physicomechanical properties)
    Xenon Arc Weatherometer - BetaLM
    UV condensation
    Natural Weathering
  • Special Tests
    Flammability test (UL and other National and International Standards)
    Limiting Oxygen Index
    Smoke Density
    MVTR (Moisture Vapour Transmissions Rate)
    Ozone Resistance Test
  • Chemical
    Identification and Decoding of Polymeric raw materials and Products
    Filler content/Carbon Black content
    Filler analysis
    Plasticizer Content
    Nitrogen content
    Moisture content
    Volatile Matter
    Migration tests for food and medicine packages
    Trace elemental analysis in polymers etc.
    Resistance to chemicals, acids, and alkalis
    Water Absorption
    Total solids
    Loss on heating
    Effect of liquids (Ageing of Rubber in Oil/Emulsions/Other Fluids )
    Ageing studies (Air/Humidity)
    Environmental Stress Cracking
    Trace elements (Pb,Cd,Sn,Hg,Mn,Fe,Cu etc)
    Acid value, Amine value, KOH number
    Rubber Hydrocarbon Content
    K value of PVC
    HCL gas generation
    Resistance to staining
    Total/ Free Sulfur content in Vulcanized Rubber
  • Electrical
    Dielectric Strength
    Dissipation Factor
    Surface/Volume Resistivity
    Insulation Resistance
    Antistatic Properties
  • Optical
    Delta E values
    Yellowness Index

Sample Preparation Facilities for Rubber and Plastics
We have Injection Moulding, Compression Moulding, and Machining facilities for preparation of samples as per IS/ASTM/ISO/DIN standards for Thermoplastics, Thermosets and Rubber Materials. For blending and mixing we are equipped with Extruders and Two-roll mill.

Product Testing
We also carry out testing of various polymeric products and raw materials as per relevant IS/ASTM codes.

  • Automobiles
    Plastic Components
    Rubber Components
    Upholstery parts (Foam, Trims etc)
    Cable and Underhood Parts
    Weathering of Polymeric Parts
    Thermal cyclic tests
  • Building and Construction Materials
    PVC Pipes
    Rubber Hoses
    Window profiles and furniture
    Floor tiles & roofs
    Water proofing membranes
    Water Stops
    Wood Laminates
  • Adhesives, Sealant
    Latex Type Adhesives
    Solvent Based Adhesives
    Industrial Sealant
    Wood Adhesives
    Adhesive Resins
    Pressure Sensitive Tapes
  • Other Prouducts
    Automotive Tyres, Tubes
    Rubber Hoses
    Rubber Rings
    Flexible and Rigid Foams Products
    Fiber Reinforced Plastic Products
    Polyethylene Cane
  • Flexible Packaging
    Polyethylene Films and Bags
    Multilayered X-laminated films
    Plastic Containers
    Plastic labels
    EPS foams
  • Medical
    Blood Bags
    Surgical Tapes
    Surgical Bandages
    Contraceptive Devices
    Surgical Gloves
  • Strategic Application Industries
    Aerospace and Aircraft Parts
    Ship & Boat Parts
    Parachute Ropes
    Geotextiles & Geomembranes