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Civil Testing

In any civil construction, mainly buildings, fly overs, highways etc. there is a greater need for ensuring safety and longevity; There is also a growing awareness among builders, consultants, architects to test the quality of construction related materials.

In recognition to this fact, it is highly imperative that raw materials used in the construction should be tested in conformance with appropriate standards. 

Cement & Building Materials
Building Materials division of the Institute provides Testing and Inspection expertise in the field.

Analytical Parameters


Specialized Studies

Testing Parameters.

In Building Materials we provide necessary quality checkups and assessment of various Construction materials.

  • Cement
    Ordinary Portland Cement(OPC)
    Portland Pozzalana Cement(PPC)
    White Portland Cement(WPC)
    Sulphate Resistant Cement(SRC)
    Portland Slag Cement(PSC)
    High Alumina Cement(HAC)
  • Tiles
    Ceramic Tiles
    Acid Resistant Tiles
    Terrazzo Tiles
    Glazed Tiles
    Roofing Slate Tiles
  • Aggregates
    Coarse Aggregates
    Fine Aggregates
  • Building Limes
    Quick Lime
    Hydrated Lime
  • Building Bricks
    Common burnt Clay Bricks
    Acid Resistant Bricks
    Refractory Bricks
  • Building Stones
  • ConcretePozzalanic Material
    Fresh ConcreteFly
    ConcreteMicro silica
  • AdmixturesThermal Insulation Materials
    BoardWater reducersAAC
    WoolSuper Plasticizers
  • PipesFlooring
    RCC Pipes
    Cement ConcreteSRC Pipes
    Cement MortarAC Pressure Pipes
  • Sanitary WaresWater RepellentSquatting PanSilicon
    Water RepellentFlushing
    SystemSink and TrapsWashbasin

Chemical Analysis: -
LOI, SiO2, AlO3, MgO, Fe2O3, CaO, Cl, SO3, Na2o, K2O, Insoluble Residue Lime Saturation factor Tri calcium Silicate, Tetracalcium Silicate, Tetra Calcium Alumino ferrite.

Physical Analysis: -
Soundness, Fineness, Specific Gravity, Drying shrinkage, Compressive Strength, Setting Time, Consistency, Whiteness, Heat of

  • Impact value
  • Bulk density
  • Water absorption
  • Crushing value
  • Sieve analysis
  • Moisture
  • Chlorides
  • Specific Gravity
  • Stripping value
  • Soundness
  • Elongation index
  • Flakiness index
  • 10% Fines value
  • Deleterious Materials
  • Alkali Aggregate Reactivity
  • Stone Polishing Valve
  • Retained Tensile Strength
Analytical Parameters
  • TilesBricks
    Resistance to Chemicals
    Compressive StrengthModulus of RuptureCold
    Crushing Strength
    Compressive Strength
    Permanent Linear Change
    Resistance to WearWater
    AbsorptionImpact Resistance
    Abrasion Resistance
    Flexural Strength
    Water Absorption
    Bulk Density
    Crazing ResistanceDimensions
  • Cement Mortar and ConcretePozzalanic Materials
    Ratio of Ingredients
    Pozzalanic Activity Index
    Soluble Silica
    Soluble Lime
    FinenessBulk Density
    Drying Shrinkage
    Cement Content
    Specific Gravity
    Bond Strength
    Sieve Analysis
    Lime Reactivity
    Concrete Permeability
    Chemical analysis
    Compressive Strength
    Core Cutting
  • Building LimesSanitary Wares
    Residue on Slaking
    DimensionsWorkability Bumps
    Water Absorption
    Popping and Pitting
    Flushing Test
    Volume Yield
    Staining Test
    Endurance Test
    Compressive Strength
    Transverse Strength
    Available Lime
    Chemical Analysis
  • Building StonesAdmixtures
    Compressive Strength
    Water Permeability
    Moh's Hardness
    Compressive StrengthWater Absorption
    Loss of WorkabilitySpecific Gravity
    Setting TimeFreezing and ThawingSlump
    Apparent Porosity
    BleedingModulus of RuptureSpecific Gravity
    WeatheringAir contentDurability
    Water contentMoisture
    Solid contentChemical analysis
    pH Value
    Frost resistanceChlorides
  • Asbestos- Cement SheetsPipes
    Frost cracking
    Hydrostatic pressure
    Transverse Bending Strength
    Water Absorption
    Bursting Strength
  • Non destructive Testing (NDT)AAC Blocks
    Rebound Hammer Test
    Ultra Sonic Pulse Velocity
    Drying Shrinkage
    Bulk Density 
  • Gypsum Board
    Dimensions Water
    Absorption Mass Per Meter
    Transverse Strength
Specialized Studies
  • Quality Evaluation of cements as per European Standards BSEN 197 & BSEN 196.
  • Non Destructive and Semi Destructive Testing of concrete for the estimation of Compressive Strength, Ensuring Uniformity, Homogeneity, Detection of Cracks, Voids and Monitoring Changes in the properties of Concrete with time.
  • Design Mix of Concrete including Raw Materials Testing, Trial Mixing and Final Mix Preparation
  • Site Inspection of Roads made up of Concrete and other new Materials.
  • Complete Quality Assurance Services for the Raw Materials and Finished Products
  • Studies on various types of Admixtures and additives such as fly ash, Microsilica and other Pozzolanic Materials
  • Pre and Post Construction Quality Checks
  • Inspection and Quality Evaluation of Building Stones of Various varieties for Export purposes.
  • Site Inspections for the Measurement of the Structure.
  • New Method Developments Works.
  • Inspection of Cement and other Building materials.
  • Inspection of Strengthening work for Concrete Roads
  • Site Inspection of the Roads made of conctete and new materials.
Rebound Hammer, Core Drilling System, Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity, Stone Polishing ValueUnit, Ferro scan, Flexural Strength Machine for tiles, Compression Testing Machine, Modulus of Rupture Unit, Concrete Permeability Unit, Universal Testing MachineWater Permeability Unit, Air Permeability Unit, Concrete Mixer Mortar Mixer Impact Tester, Elongation Gauges, Crushing Value Tester, Flakiness Gauges, Slump tester, Automatic Sieve Shakers Autoclaves, Moh's Hardness Scale, Heat of Hydration unit, Vicat Unit, Length Comparator, Flexural strength machine for concrete.
Protocols followed
Some of the generally followed published literatures are as listed below:-
  • Indian standard Specifications (ISS)
  • British Standard Specifications (BSS)
  • American Standards (ASTM and AASHTO)
  • European Standards (EN)
  • German Standards (DIN)
  • Japanese Standards (JIS)
  • Canadian Standards (CSA)
  • International Standards (ISO)
  • Saudi Arabian Standards (SAS)
  • Indian Road Congress Specifications (IRC)
  • Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MORTH)
  • Central Public Work Standard (CPWD)